Installation of INAMET’s beating heart

Nowadays, computing power is a major issue for efficient national hydrometeorological services, a crucial condition for high-quality modeling activities and all other data processing tasks. With the PMI Project, INAMET has decided to step up to the highest standards in the field. Therefore, last October, MFI IT experts have installed a new generation HPC at INAMET’s headquarters. With a computing power of 67,2 teraflops, this new equipment is going to be at the center of INAMET’s activities: run local meteorological models, execute complex computing tasks, including for the purposes of the National Climate Center, or for Research & Development needs. 

On October the 22nd, this new high-end equipment, just installed, had the honor of being visited by the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Social Communication (MinTICCS) Mr. Manuel Homem, and his Secretary of State Mr. Mario De Olivera. A clear sign of the strategic importance of such an equipment within the new global meteorological ecosystem INAMET is currently implementing with the PMI Project.