Steering committees are a crucial component of the PMI project enabling to take strategical decisions: they are high level meetings involving senior executives of each organization in order to ensure a smooth, timely and riskless implementation of the project.

Despite the COVID crisis, it appeared very important to maintain these special meetings. So on September the 23 and 24th, a remote version took place bringing together Mr. Domingos Nascimento, Director General of INAMET and Mr. Patrick Bénichou, President of MFI, as well as the main executives of the project for both parties.

The main objective of this 2-day meeting was clearly to evaluate the impact of the health crisis on the progress of the project and to come up with solutions to mitigate this impact and ensure that the PMI Project keeps moving forward to reach the expected results. MFI and INAMET are firmly determined to meet the challenges of this tormented period.